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Portrait of a Piper - Front Cover image.JPG

What they have said about 'Portrait of a Piper'

"McNamara’s music is exquisite - brilliant  - extremely compelling - outstanding.

Really, you can’t ask for anything more - a superb album of solo piping

a first-class player  - one of the finest pipers of today.  

an engaging and quite beautiful album of solo piping

should stir the hearts of anyone who loves uilleann piping or traditional Irish music"


Daniel Neely, Irish  Echo,  NY, 7th January 2023

"A Masterly return - sublime regal quality playing”

“This solo collection is a feast for fans of this magnificent instrument”


Siobhán Long,The Irish Times, Fri. April 28, 2023.

Fort of the Jewels - Front Cover.jpg

What they have said about 'Fort of the Jewels'

"anything you might say is made ludicrous by the presence of greatness. Just listen."

John Dally, The Piper's Review, (Iris na bPiobairì), Autumn, 2004

"a master conductor of this happy combination of wind and reed"
Pat Ahern, Irish Examiner, July 15th 2004.

"the playing is rich and intoxicating. Highlights? Too many to list. "
Alex Monaghan, The Living Tradition & Irish Music Magazine,
Sept./Oct. 2004

"a thrilling listening experience"
Philippe Varlet, Hard-to-find imported Irish CDs

A Piper_s Dream - Front Cover.jpg

What they have said about 'A Piper's Dream'

Best of 2000, "This is classic piping"
Don Meade, BEST OF 2000 - IRISH VOICE, Dec. 2000.

"A thoroughly excellent CD - contending for my 'Irish music record of the year'"
Rod Stradling, Musical Traditions, July 30th 2000


“A tremendous piece of 'concert' and 'flat piping with attention to detail rarely heard. Superb technique”
Fintan Vallely, The Sunday Tribune, July 2000.

What they have said about Leitrim's Hidden Treasure

Leitrim_s Hidden Treasure-Cover.jpg

Readers Poll, Irish Music Magazine, 1998.

"It should be illegal for any family to have so much musical talent as the McNamaras - Few albums in recent years have made the sort of immediate impact that this one has on the international community of Irish traditional music."
Earle Hitchner, Irish Echo. 'Top ten recordings of traditional music over the past year (1998)


"Rarely if ever has a self-produced "vanity" recording risen to such levels of musical accomplishment and scholarly documentation. This is one of the best Irish traditional music recordings of recent years"
Don Meade, Irish Voice, 'Review of the Year 1998'.


"The reaction awarded the arrival of Leitrim's Hidden Treasure in Ireland last year was something akin to a second coming. A definite contender for album of the year don't miss it."
John O'Regan, Fook Roots

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