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A Piper's dream

Released in 2000, A Piper’s Dream features Brian McNamara with Guest musicians Deirdre McNamara (Concertina), Michael Rooney (harp) and Jens Kommnick (Guitar). On this recording, Brian plays a ‘flat’ set pitched in ‘C’ made by Geoff Wooff in 1997 and a ‘concert-pitched’ set of pipes made by Peter Maguire.

Get your hands on a physical CD or digital download by ordering today.

(The physical CD package includes a booklet with detailed information on tunes featured on the recording).

Sample the Album

Track Listing:

1.   Jigs:  The Newport Lasses / The Gander in the Pratie Hole / When Sick is it Tea you want? (3.45)

2.   Hornpipes:  An tSean Bhean Bhocht / The Tailor’s Twist (3.30)

3.   Reels:  The Old Bush / Jenny’s Wedding (2.58)

4.   Jigs:  Seán Buí / Tap the Barrel / Neary’s Jig / Haul her Across the Road (4.47)

5.   Air:  Ní ar Chnoc ná ar Ísleacht (3.07)

6.   Jigs:  The Beauties of Ireland / Under the Willows she is Sleeping / The Old Figaree (3.25)

7.   Reel:  Colonel Frazer (3.50)

8.   Single Jigs: Stoney Batter / The Templehouse / Grier’s #37 (4.06)

9.   Air:  An Bonnán Buí (3.35)

10. Reels:  Satin Slipper / Our House at Home / Jackson’s Hi Ho (3.32)

11. Hornpipe:  The Groves (4.30)

12. Reels:  The Braes of Busby / Sean Reid’s Favourite (3.18)

13. Slip Jig: Gusty’s Frolics (2.48)

14. Air: Loch na gCaor (4.14)

15. Jigs: My Former Wife / Sergeant Early’s Jig (2.30)

16. Reels:  The Torn Jacket / My Love is Fair and Handsome / Sporting Kate (4.00)

17. Reel: The Morning Thrush (3.49)

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