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Fort of the Jewels

Released in 2004, Fort of the Jewels features Brian McNamara with Guest musicians Benedict Koehler (piper) and Grainne Hambly (harper). On this recording, Brian plays a ‘concert-pitched’ set of pipes made in 2001 by Benedict Koehler and David Quinn and a ‘flat’ set pitched in ‘C’ made by Geoff Wooff in 1997.

Get your hands on a physical CD or digital download by ordering today.

(The physical CD package includes a booklet with detailed information on tunes featured on the recording).

Sample the Album

Track Listing:

  1. Jigs: Paddy from Portlaw / Handsome Young maidens / I love you not and I care not (4:13)

  2. Hop Jigs: Top the Candle / Do it Fair (2:26)

  3. Reels: Captain Locker / Gladstone’s Bill (2:32)

  4. Air: Dún na Séad (Fort of the Jewels) (4:29)

  5. Reels: Patsy Touhey’s Favourite / Fr. O’Grady’s Visit to Bocca (2:16)

  6. Single Jigs: Hug the Bundle / Maloney’s / Thomas Reilly Clerk of Fore (3:30)

  7. Hornpipes: Mrs Crotty’s / The Humours of Tullycrine (3:08)

  8. Air / Reel: A stór mo Chroí / Biddy from Muckross (4:00)

  9. Piece: The Humours of Glynn (3:14)

  10. Jigs: Paddy Fahey’s / The King of the Pipers (3:54)

  11. Reels: The Spike Island Lasses / Dr. Taylor’s Favourite / The Green Garters (4:12)

  12. Slip Jigs: Hardiman the Fiddler / The Arra Mountains / Redican’s Mother (3:38)

  13. Reels: Hobble the Botches / Sandy over the Lea (2:26)

  14. Air: Táimse im’Chodladh (3:45)

  15. Reels: Ormond Sound / The Connaught Heifers (2:44)

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