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Portrait of a Piper

This recording presents seventy minutes of solo uilleann piping featuring two sets of pipes. The ‘concert-pitched’ set of pipes was made in 2001 by Benedict Koehler and David Quinn, in Vermont, USA. The ‘flat’ set is pitched in ‘C’ and was made by Geoff Wooff in 1997. On this recording, I play a chanter pitched in ‘C’ with the Wooff set which was made in 2016 by Benedict Koehler.

Get your hands on a physical CD or digital download by ordering today.

(The physical CD package includes a booklet with detailed information on tunes featured on the recording).

Sample the Album

Track Listing:

  1. Piece: The Fox Chase (7:29)

  2. Waltz / Slip Jig: Waltz Mary Ellen / Trotting to Larne (4:39)

  3. Harp Air / Reels: Catherine Ogie / The Beauty Spot / The Top of the Cliff (4:59)

  4. Jigs: John Lydon’s / Fraher’s / Garrett Barry’s (3:45)

  5. Piece: Cath Chnoc na nOs (6:10)

  6. Reels: The Boy in the Gap /The Ravelled hank of Yarn (3:03)

  7. Air / Reel: Cuimhne an Phíobaire / The Quiet House (4:49)

  8. Piece: The Wild Geese (5:10)

  9. Jigs: The Piper’s Picnic / Down the back lane / Mama’s Pet (3:49)

  10. Air / Jig: An Paistín Fionn (3:10)

  11. Barndance / Hornpipe: The Earl of Thomond / The Fisher’s (3:29)

  12. Air: Port na bPúcaí (4:22)

  13. March /Jig: The Deer’s March /An Buachaill Dreoite (4:05)

  14. Air / Piece: Síle Ní Ghadhra (5:57)

  15. Air: Caoineadh Uí Néill (4:52)

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